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Home Theater & Media Rooms

Whether you're looking for a dedicated home theater or a value-based media room, we are experts in designing and installing home theater systems to fit any space or budget. We'll handle everything from design to installation, configuration, and calibration of the room to ensure the highest level of performance and value are met by your new investment.

TV Setup & Installation

Apart from all-encompassing A/V systems, we also set up and install televisions for the most basic of applications. We handle everything from tabletop setups to fireplace mounting, including any necessary cable runs, concealment, or preferred wire management. Whether you buy the TV from us or already have one in mind, leave it to our expert team to give you the setup of your dreams.

Distributed Audio

Multi-room audio systems provide more than exceptional music-listening capabilities. For many, they offer a spiritual escape through the use of audiobooks, podcasts, movie and TV viewing, and of course, music, no matter where you're at in the house. Whole-home audio systems are no longer reserved for new homes or those with disposable incomes. Today, there are a variety of solutions, wired or wireless, we can offer to meet any need or budget.

Distributed Video

Watch multiple games simultaneously in a single room, the same source throughout the entire house at once, or even multiple sources all on the same TV screen. Whatever the case may be, a properly designed and implemented video distribution system can maximize as well as simplify any size home's media viewing experience.

Lifestyle Audio/Video

Sometimes the luxury of great technology can come at the expense of the space that it occupies, causing conflict between form and function. We pride ourselves on our ability to build systems that not only perform great but also look great and are thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with any space, style, or decor.

High-Performance Audio

For the discerning and critical listener, quality audio is what moves you. If you’re looking for something to play your vinyl, solid-state monaural or tube amplifiers, reference-grade equipment, hi-fi source equipment, pre-amplifiers, separates, high-quality DAC’s, equalizers, power conditioners, specialty cabling, or acoustic treatment, you've come to the right place. Let us meet with you to upgrade your existing system or build your new stereo system from the ground up.

Universal Remotes

Are you tired of fumbling around with multiple remotes and menus when you're just trying to relax and watch TV? Let us eliminate the hassle of your entertainment system with the help of a universal remote or control system solution. We offer everything from basic IR/RF remote setups to fully integrated control systems allowing for control from touch screens, mobile devices, tablets, and even keypads that blend seamlessly with your existing light switches, making your entertainment system simpler than you can even imagine.

Outdoor Audio/Video

A new breed of outdoor products have come to market and are better performing, longer-lasting, and more attainable than ever. With weatherproof TVs, speakers, and other audio/video products available, that boring patio or backyard space can now serve as the entertainment hotspot of your home. Bring the game outside to an all-weather TV, jam out to your favorite tunes, or put on some high-fidelity background music all from the comfort of your own outdoor oasis.

Acoustics & Room Planning

Sometimes the best equipment just isn’t enough. If you're looking to take your dedicated theater experience to the next level, let us help design and plan your space. We can assist with calculating speaker size and placement, TV or screen size, optimal seating locations, and all the other nuances it takes to maximize your space's audio/video potential. We also provide acoustic treatments of any shape and size ranging from inexpensive wall panels to fully engineered spaces with complete technical specifications.

TV & Internet Concierge

Let us provide you with concierge services to ensure you get the best internet or TV package to fit your or your business's needs. We are experts in educating our customers on service options and availability as well as bridging the gap between clients and their respective service providers where it can sometimes feel like you're speaking two different languages. Best of all, this is a free courtesy service we provide to all of our clients to ensure they're receiving the right level of service for their needs and budget. We provide recommendations based on price, performance, integration, and future upgradability and will even meet your service provider in the home to make sure requirements are met professionally and safely.

Golf Simulators


Whether you're looking to enhance your game or want to be the envy of your golf buddies, we're proud to act as a referring partner for Trackman golf simulators as well as offer several other great entry to mid-level options to fit any size space or budget.

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