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Surveillance Systems


Ever wondered what happens when you’re not around? Or who is at the front door or what your employees are up to? Wonder no more with the help of a state-of-the-art surveillance system. We provide value-based analog systems as well as high-performance IP-based systems. We also offer specialty cameras that include features like pan-tilt-zoom, license plate scanning, elevated body temperature reading, and more. Most of our CCTV systems include remote viewing and playback capabilities from a smartphone, tablet, or PC without any additional charge or subscription. We can even integrate your system with your preferred home automation platform, allowing cameras to be displayed on televisions, touch screens, and other interfaces around your home.

Livestock Surveillance

Apart from standard commercial and residential surveillance systems, we also offer solutions tailored to farm and livestock applications. Often a requirement when working with large spaces and farm buildings, we have the skills and resources necessary to implement the required network infrastructure and ensure lasting performance no matter the physical location or conditions of where the system is to be installed.

Security Systems


We are brand agnostic and provide security systems designed to fit any need or application. Whether you need basic alarm functionality, want a sleek touch screen, or require something more advanced with control-system integration or wireless capabilities, we can help. We're also equipped to service nearly any make or model alarm system regardless of the original seller or installer.

Keyless Entry & Access Control


Automatic door locks and access control systems are the perfect addition to any home. If you forget your keys, simply punch in your unique user code or unlock the door from your smartphone. Easily program separate access codes for you, the kids, your handyman, or whoever else may need access whether you're at home or on the go. Receive a text message when your kids get home from school or when the last person leaves the office. For commercial applications, receive a list of everyone who's accessed the building and easily manage who has access to certain areas. For more sensitive applications, biometrics can be added as an extra layer of security as well.

Monitoring & Remote Access

We not only install and service all of our own systems, we also offer in-house remote monitoring for those situations where one set of eyes just isn't enough. We're proud to be a local affiliate of as well as FusionPro, allowing us to offer high-end remote and central station solutions while maintaining the familiarity and ease that comes with working with a small, local company.

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