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Outdoor Video


With an array of new products and pricing tiers for weatherproof displays, your deck or patio has never looked so good. Keep up with the score while grilling out, or bring the family outside for movie night in the hot tub! With brands like Samsung, Sunbrite, Séura, and more, we can offer the same excellent 4K HDR video performance you've become accustomed to with indoor viewing, outdoors! For outdoor TVs, humidity, extreme heat, rain, and even snow are no problem. In addition, they're 2-3x as bright as typical indoor TVs and have anti-glare screens, making them as practical as ever, even in direct sunlight.

Outdoor & Landscape Audio


When it comes to your outdoor sanctuary, we believe that great sound is meant to be heard, not seen. We offer a variety of outdoor audio products ranging from surface-mount speakers to cleverly designed and constructed landscape and rock speakers all with the purpose of blending seamlessly into their surroundings. You can enjoy the same, smooth, high-fidelity audio you're used to in the media room all from the refuge of your own outdoor oasis.

Staying Connected


Enjoying your entertainment outside typically means leaving your devices inside, as basic Wi-Fi usually doesn't provide adequate coverage the further you get from your home. Whether it's for work, education, recreation, communication, or all of the above, we understand how important it is to maintain a fast, reliable connection inside your home as well as out; and that is why we're pleased to be able to offer a range of outdoor network solutions to ensure maximum connectivity and performance, no matter the application. Don't settle for Wi-Fi dead-zones or dropped calls, get your outdoor space future-ready with a free consultation and network analysis today.

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