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Wireless Networks


With an increasing number of every-day devices becoming dependent on wireless technology, the basic modem/router from your cable provider just doesn't cut it anymore. Consumer-grade wireless networks can be prone to bottlenecked bandwidth, slow speeds, untimely disconnects, and limited connection range. With proper equipment and planning, we can bring your connection out of the dark ages and actually deliver the performance you're probably supposed to have been getting all along. We carry a variety of routers, mesh systems, and wireless access points to support applications of all sizes, ranging from single bedroom apartments to 20,000+ sq. ft. properties.

Hardwire Networks


Although wireless infrastructure is becoming more and more powerful, it would be nothing without its hardwired counterpart. Hardwire networks are how we receive the majority of our information and still tend to be the most reliable and flexible solution when designing and building the backbone of many of today's systems, including fully-integrated smart homes. Almost all of our expert-designed networks include VPN (virtual private network), advanced traffic-shaping tools, and content-filtering capabilities to ensure your home or business network is as safe, reliable, and future-proof as it can possibly be.

Long-Range Networks (PtP, PtMP)


Maybe you have a remote farm property that's a few miles away or maybe your internet provider just can't or won't service the location. Whatever the case may be, we can help! It's hard to believe, I know, but with proper planning, the right equipment, and decent line-of-sight, we can wirelessly extend almost any network at lengths ranging from several hundred feet all the way up to around a dozen MILES. These types of PtP (point-to-point) and PtMP (point-to-multipoint) networks are commonly used in applications involving shops, outbuildings, lakes and docks, farming, video surveillance, and more. Let us know your own unique application and you never know, maybe we can help!

Firewall & Network Security


Just like you have a security system for your home, your network needs security as well. Eliminate the risk of viruses and secure your personal information by adding firewall software and appliances to your home or business network. With the proper device, your network can be instantaneously locked down at the first sign of an incoming threat. This greatly reduces the chances of your devices becoming subject to malware or viruses and helps keep your data uncompromised.

Network Storage (NAS)


Need a place to store all those family photos? Or maybe you need a place to back up all the devices in your home? Network Attached Storage solutions are more cost-effective than ever. With many different sizes and configurations, we can build the perfect solution for your storage needs. Whether you need storage exclusively for data backups or need it to function as a home entertainment server, we are knowledgeable, careful, and experienced in the process of moving and safeguarding data of all shapes and sizes to and on the network.

Cell Signal Boosting


Your wireless carrier says you have coverage at your home, but that probably doesn't account for your two-story home, the radiant barrier in the attic, or other modern construction materials that can kill cellular signal. Whether the issue is with certain areas of your home or the entire property, let us provide you with a simple, minimally-invasive solution to strengthen your cell signal at home, the office, in the shop, or anywhere else you may experience problems. We carry an array of high-quality devices to ensure the best possible solution is met and remove cell-related frustrations from your daily life.

Infrastructure & Planning


When building a home or office, it's important to plan your network for both present and future needs. We provide schematics, floorplans, wiring diagrams, heatmaps, and more to help detail the necessary wired and wireless infrastructure for any size home or business, new or existing. We can also help identify estimated usage for your current needs, as well as raise awareness for future needs so you can rest assured that the (arguably) most important part of your project meets expectations in not only performance but long-term value as well.

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